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For the documentary film about ArbitralWomen – currently in production – myArbitration is interviewing ArbitralWomen members and other practitioners worldwide on the organization and diversity.

Call for Local Liaisons: Be Part of the myArbitralWomen Documentary Production Team

myArbitration, the iconic video series about arbitration portraying the community and reporting on events and trends within it is honoring ArbitralWomen’s 30th anniversary with a documentary!


As we create a powerful testament to the remarkable achievements of its members, we invite each and every one of you to play a role in the production of the myArbitralWomen documentary. This milestone event marks a significant moment of collective celebration, as ArbitralWomen members from around the world contribute their voices, experiences, and perspectives to this unparalleled tribute. It is a testament to the diverse and inclusive nature of the organization, showcasing the immense talent, dedication, and impact of the women involved in the field of international arbitration. 

Between the months of August and October, we are poised to meet and interview in-person as many of ArbitralWomen members as possible. To make this ambitious endeavour a reality, we are calling for passionate Local Liaisons to join us in producing the documentary.

By signing up as a Local Liaison, you have the incredible chance to help others share their stories and express their gratitude for the support they have received as ArbitralWomen members. Your involvement will contribute to an inclusive and inspiring portrayal of our community. Individuals of all genders who are passionate about gender diversity and equality are encouraged to apply, ArbitralWomen members or not.

This documentary aims to capture the spirit of women in arbitration supporting one another and showcasing our collective strength. Together, we can demonstrate to the world that we are a force to be reckoned with. This documentary not only serves as a testament to our shared values and experiences but also as an opportunity for personal growth and empowerment.

Let us come together and make a lasting impact! Join us in the production of this unparalleled tribute and help showcase the strength and unity of ArbitralWomen worldwide.


Any member of the arbitration community, regardless of gender, who is passionate about promoting gender diversity. Individuals who are enthusiastic about supporting others in sharing their stories and experiences within the field are particularly well-suited for the role of Local Liaison.


By applying for the role of a Local Liaison, you have the opportunity to be an integral part of the myArbitralWomen documentary, which celebrates the achievements and impact of ArbitralWomen on its 30th anniversary. You can help amplify the voices of all the interviewing ArbitralWomen members, contribute to a collective portrayal of strength and unity, and showcase the power of collaboration in promoting gender diversity in arbitration. This is your chance to make a lasting impact within the community!

Apply now for onboarding this summer!


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